From heat to sweet, tease your taste buds with mouth-watering Midway food. We love food (obviously) and we are excited to try out the delicious, and strange, new Stampede food this year!

Some of the eats for 2019 include:
• Avocado coconut ice cream
• Caesar ice pops (for the grown ups)
• Corn dog poutine
• Pickle pizza
• Deep fried artichoke hearts
• Cheesy ramen dog
• Flamin’ hot cheetos corn dog
• Deep fried twizzlers
• Flamin’ frog legs

If you do decide to indulge and try some of the midway food this year, post a photo of your eats on Instagram and be sure to tag @birkbyfoods, we want to see what you tried!

Enjoy the Stampede and be safe!