Every food producer dreams of getting their product into their local grocery store. Unfortunately, it can be a long and challenging journey; even after creating a delicious product and steadily growing your customer base, you’ll need a dependable distribution partner to ensure your supply chain is ready for increased demand. When it’s time to bring your products to new and exciting markets, you need a team of experts ready to get your products wherever they need to be.

Birkby Food Service has over a century of experience providing industry-leading food distribution for customers across Western Canada. Today, trusted brands including Nestle, Parmalat, and Drizzle rely on our complete distribution solutions to get their products to grocers and retailers, allowing them to focus on crafting quality products that delight their customers.

Learn more about Birkby’s logistics and distribution services below.

Data-Driven Inventory Management

When it comes to logistics for any product, data is king. Sales, inventory, order tracking, and other information about your supply chain is critical for making sound business decisions. Especially in the food and beverage industry, having the right data enables the efficient distribution of your products to market while minimizing costs around shrink, spoilage, and other unnecessary expenses.

Birkby’s inventory management systems are powered by Routeique, an industry leader in cloud-based, end-to-end order and delivery management. With real-time inventory visibility, automated shrink and damage reporting, seamless integration with eCommerce platforms, and other powerful capabilities, our inventory management solutions are ready to support supply chains of all sizes and scopes. Combined with warehousing facilities that process over 10,000 orders each week, Birkby’s complete inventory solutions are ready to grow with your business every step of the way.

Efficiency Down to the Last Mile

The Last Mile before your product reaches grocers (and your customers) is one of the most important parts of the supply chain. Getting your products to market on-time and in good condition is non-negotiable, but a distributor’s high shipping costs and inefficient practices can prevent companies from expanding to their full potential.

Since 1918, Birkby Food Service has built its reputation on exceptional food distribution services. Today, we’re proud to offer cutting-edge solutions to keep our clients’ supply chains efficient every step of the way. Routeique-driven route optimization and real-time tracking ensure fast deliveries and minimized costs anywhere in Western Canada. Meanwhile, automated order technology efficiently manages your inventory for every incoming order (complete with full integration with all major eCommerce platforms). With cross-docking and other capabilities at your disposal, Our fulfillment and distribution systems are engineered to scale to your unique needs, allowing you to focus on delighting customers and growing your business while your products arrive where they need to be.

Support for Every Stage

The vast majority of grocery distributors today focus solely on getting your product from A to B. While it may be our most important job, it’s certainly not the only logistics challenge food & beverage businesses face today. Business growth, changing market conditions, and other unique circumstances can alter a business’s needs; your distributor needs to be able to keep up!

At Birkby, our data-driven mindset and lean operational principles allow us to engineer third-party logistics solutions that meet our clients’ needs today while setting the stage for success tomorrow.

Our comprehensive 3PL services include:

  • Seamless supply chain integration for all major eCommerce platforms, powered by Routeique.
  • Data-driven performance insights for every part of the supply chain.
  • Branded packaging, labels, and marketing for unique delivery experiences.
  • Dedicated fulfillment and service support teams to keep your customers happy.
  • And much, much more!

Does your business have unique and challenging needs? Ask us! Our experienced team of logistics specialists is driven to help our clients find value-adding solutions to every challenge, ensuring your supply chain is ready to support your success.

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