Frozen and temperature-controlled products pose unique challenges throughout the supply chain. From food and beverages to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other products, temperature-controlled logistics requires dedicated expertise and experience. If your business needs a 3PL frozen food fulfillment and warehouse, you need a partner you can trust to protect your product’s integrity through the entire supply chain.

Since 1918, Birkby Food Service has become a trusted name in Western Canada for frozen food fulfillment and warehousing. Today, we’re proud to be known as one of Western Canada’s largest ice cream distributors, with a portfolio including a vast selection of frozen food products from local and international producers. Our turnkey 3PL solutions provide businesses of all sizes and scopes with complete, scalable logistics platforms, allowing them to focus on creating satisfied customers and fostering business growth. Discover Birkby’s 3PL solutions for temperature-controlled products below.

Temperature-Controlled Warehousing

In today’s competitive landscape, 3PLs offer a wide range of warehousing solutions and capabilities; unfortunately, not everyone is equipped to handle the unique requirements of frozen food. Inventory shrink, regulatory issues, product recalls, and reputation damage are only a few of the (costly) consequences of inadequate warehousing. Your 3PL needs to be ready to protect product integrity throughout the supply chain, ensuring your customers receive a top-quality product every time.

With facilities strategically located across Western Canada, Birkby is ready to meet the warehousing and storage needs for frozen food products. Our temperature-controlled facilities can maintain temperatures as low as -28ºC, ensuring consistent quality and regulatory compliance throughout your supply chain. With versatile capabilities including cross-docking, full container loads, less-than-container loads, less than truckload and truckload, our industry-leading warehousing and fulfillment solutions keep your products safely stored, expertly managed, and ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

Efficient Fulfillment

Every part of the supply chain is critical for temperature-controlled food products. However, the final stages before your products reach your customers (especially the Last Mile) can dramatically impact your bottom line. Getting products to market on time and in excellent condition is non-negotiable, but inefficient fulfillment strategies can introduce unnecessary expenses and prevent business growth.

Birkby has a century’s worth of experience and expertise in distributing temperature-controlled food products. Today, we proudly provide cutting-edge solutions to protect product cold chains while offering industry-leading efficiency down to the Last Mile. Our facilities regularly process over 10,000 orders each week, powered by a robust OMS ensuring every order is picked, packed, and shipped efficiently and effectively. Our fleet of drivers and vehicles is fully equipped to maintain cold chain integrity in transit. On the road, Routeique-powered route optimization and real-time tracking ensure efficient deliveries and minimized transportation costs across Western Canada.

Total Supply Chain Management

The true value a 3PL can add to your business is determined by how its services meet your business’ needs to form a complete supply chain and logistics platform. Being able to see, manage, and optimize every aspect of your logistics empowers businesses to meet new customer needs and adapt to evolving market landscapes.

Birkby’s supply chain is powered by Routeique, an industry leader in cloud-based logistics and delivery management systems. Our complete, scalable logistics platform with many features tailored to meet the needs of cold chain distribution, including:

  • Real-time inventory visibility.
  • Automated order fulfillment and inventory management.
  • Integrated damages and expiry reporting.
  • Order-tracking and route optimization.
  • Full integration with all major eCommerce platforms.
  • And more!

No matter what you need from your 3PL, you can rely on Birkby Food Service to reliably deliver solutions to help businesses stay ahead of the curve and get their products wherever they need to be.

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