Choosing the right 3PL can have serious implications for your food or beverage business. A reliable 3PL partner will allow your and your staff to focus on delighting customers and fostering growth, knowing that your products will be properly stored and expertly managed. On the other hand, an ill-equipped logistics partner will quickly become a pinch point in your supply chain, potentially limiting your product’s reach and compromising your ability to expand and grow.

It goes without saying that making the right choice can be challenging! To help get you started, here are four things your 3PL provider must be able to do to make the partnership a success, as well as how Birkby Food Service’s 3PL platforms can help beverage businesses of all sizes and scopes.

1. Maintain Product Integrity

Whether your products need ambient, refrigerated, or frozen storage, it’s essential to ensure your food products’ integrity is preserved throughout the supply chain. Spoilage, inventory shrink, and even product recalls are only some of the consequences of improper storage and shipping; it’s vital to your business and brand to work with a 3PL that can accommodate your unique needs.

With warehouses and fulfillment centres strategically located across Western Canada, Birkby’s warehousing solutions are ready for your food products. Our facilities consistently maintain ambient, refrigerated, and frozen (down to -28ºC) temperatures suitable for any warehousing requirements, ensuring consistency and regulatory compliance throughout the supply chain.

2. Manage Inventory Effectively

Most food and beverage companies rely on their 3PL for much more than storage. No matter what your business requires, solid inventory management practices are essential for your 3PL to keep pace and continually enable you to reach new markets.

Birkby’s inventory management systems are powered by Routeique, an industry leader in cloud-based logistics. Routeique powers real-time inventory visibility, automated shrink and damage reporting, delivery tracking, seamless integration with eCommerce platforms, and a host of cutting-edge solutions for businesses of all sizes and scopes. Capable of processing over 10,000 orders every week, Birkby’s robust inventory management solutions are ready to scale with your business and power future growth.

3. Distribute Product Efficiently

Every aspect of the supply chain plays a role in ensuring your business’ success—however, solid practices for getting your product to market are among the most critical parts of your logistics strategy. Inefficient distribution and shipping can ultimately hold your business back from its full potential; conversely, a sophisticated, robust distribution network can help companies enter new markets and grow their customer base.

Since 1918, Birkby Food Service has built its reputation on exceptional food distribution to markets across Canada. While our commitment to outstanding service remains the same, our state-of-the-art distribution solutions provide unprecedented efficiency and value down to the Last Mile. Real-time tracking and route optimization powered by Routeique ensure timely deliveries and low costs across Western Canada. Best of all, our fulfillment systems are ready to scale alongside your business growth, allowing you to focus on delighting your customers with the support of a dedicated logistics team.

4. Empower Your Business to Grow

On the topic of scalability, it’s important to know how your 3PL can adapt to evolving marketplaces, fluctuating market conditions, and other unique challenges that growing businesses face. It’s one thing to know that a trusted partner can meet your needs today, but a 3PL ready to adapt and grow with you (rather than become a bottleneck in the future) is key to your long-term success and growth.

Birkby Food Service’s data-driven mindset and efficiency-driven operating principles allow us to provide complete 3PL services that meet our clients’ needs today while setting the stage for future success. Whether it’s branding and packaging, eCommerce integration, digital marketing, or customer support, Birkby is driven to provide turnkey solutions to any logistics challenge, providing exceptional service and value in everything we do.

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