If you produce dairy products, your cold chain is key to your business’s success. Like any temperature-controlled product, the safe handling, storage, and distribution of dairy requires unique knowledge and expertise at every stage of the supply chain. Maintaining the cold chain is vital; spoiled products, lost inventory, regulatory issues, recalls, and reputation damage are only a few of the potential consequences of inadequate temperature control.

If you’re looking for a 3PL provider for dairy distribution, you need a partner ready to preserve and protect your products every step of the way. For more than a century, Birkby has established itself as a Western Canadian leader in food logistics, helping producers maintain product integrity every step of the way. Our turnkey 3PL solutions offer complete, scalable logistics solutions for businesses of all sizes and scopes, allowing them to focus on growing their business and delighting customers. Keep reading to learn more about Birkby’s 3PL solutions for frozen food products.

Temperature-Controlled Food Storage

Warehousing and storage are some of the most important parts of any cold chain. This is especially true for dairy products that require complete and constant temperature regulation. Wherever they’re stored, businesses need to know that their products will be kept safe. As noted above, improper storage can lead to spoiled products, inventory shrink, and even product recalls that can damage your reputation and bottom line. If you plan on relying on a 3PL provider for dairy warehousing and storage, you need to know your products will be preserved and protected throughout your supply chain.

Birky Food Service maintains multiple cold storage-ready facilities across Western Canada, including a brand-new 5000 sq. ft. cooler/freezer located in Calgary. Our facilities consistently maintain temperatures as low as -28ºC, ensuring consistency and regulatory compliance for our customers’ products. With capabilities including cross-docking, full container loads, less-than-container loads, less than truckload and truckload, our industry-leading warehousing solutions ensure your dairy products are safely stored, expertly managed, and ready to ship quickly and efficiently.

Real-Time Cold Chain Monitoring

When it comes to your cold chain, consistent monitoring is key to maintaining consistency and product integrity. Plenty of 3PL providers claim to offer services tailored to frozen food storage; however, only Birkby can provide industry-leading inventory visibility, tracking, and monitoring to protect your dairy products down to the Last Mile.

Birkby’s supply chain is powered by Routeique, an industry-leading cloud-based logistics and delivery management platform. Routeique’s complete, scalable logistics platform offers many unique features tailored to meet the needs of cold chain distribution, including:

  • Real-time inventory visibility, including temperature monitoring.
  • Intelligent order fulfillment and inventory management.
  • Fully integrated damages and expiry reporting.
  • Order-tracking and route-optimization down to the Last Mile.
  • Seamless integration with all major eCommerce platforms.

Being able to see, manage, and optimize every aspect of your supply chain empowers businesses to adapt and grow to fulfill changing customer needs and market conditions. Birkby’s flexible logistics platform is ready to accommodate a wide variety of business models, including traditional retail, direct-to-consumer, and eCommerce strategies. Our systems are designed to scale to your unique and evolving needs, allowing you to focus on growing your business while your cold chain and fulfillment remain intact.

Efficient & Effective Distribution

Every part of the cold chain matters when it comes to dairy. The Last Mile before your product hits your clients, however, will make or break the company’s bottom line. Getting to market intact and on time is vital, but inefficient distribution can cost your business both time and money, hindering growth and limiting potential.

Over the last 100 years, Birkby has remained a trusted name in the distribution of dairu products. Today, we proudly offer cutting-edge solutions to keep our customers’ cold chains intact and efficient down to the Last Mile.

Birkby’s facilities process over 10,000 orders each week, with cutting-edge systems to ensure every order is picked, packed, and sent out efficiently. Our fleet of drivers and vehicles is committed to maintaining your cold chain’s integrity while delivering to both rural and urban markets. On the road, Routeique’s route optimization and real-time tracking ensure efficient deliveries and minimized costs across Western Canada.

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