As any beverage business expands, suppliers’ inventory and distribution needs will inevitably become more complex. Even if you have the knowledge and experience to manage an expanding supply chain, a 3PL partner can be a valuable asset to your company. A dependable 3PL partner allows beverage businesses to focus on delighting customers while knowing their supply chain is ready to deliver their products to new markets.

For the last century, Birkby Food Service has proudly delivered industry-leading food distribution services for suppliers, vendors, and customers across Western Canada. Today, our next-generation 3PL services offer complete, scalable logistics solutions for food and beverage producers looking to take their business to the next level. Read on to learn more about how Birkby Food Service’s 3PL platforms can help beverage businesses of all sizes and scopes.

Keeping the Cold Chain Intact

When it comes to beverage logistics, maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the supply chain is critical. Improper storage, warehousing, and shipping practices can lead to spoilage, unnecessary product shrink, and food safety recalls that can damage your reputation and profitability. Your 3PL provider needs to be ready to preserve and protect your product’s integrity from start to finish.

Birky Food Service operates multiple strategically located cold storage-ready facilities across Western Canada. Our facilities consistently maintain temperatures anywhere between ambient and -28ºC, ensuring consistency and regulatory compliance for our customers’ products. Real-time temperature tracking and reporting powered by Routeique provides peace of mind through every stage of the supply chain.

Next-Generation Inventory Management

Like any perishable food product, inventory management is a top priority for successful beverage companies. In addition to monitoring fluctuating product levels and incoming orders, it’s also critical to effectively manage shelf life, expiration dates, and other critical metrics to ensure you’re able to meet demand.

Birkby utilizes Routique’s leading-edge logistics platforms to keep your products organized and at your fingertips. Our systems provide real-time inventory tracking, automated shrink and damage reports, seamless eCommerce integration, and other flexible features to accommodate inventories and businesses of all sizes. With warehousing capabilities including cross-docking, full container loads, less-than-container loads, less than truckload and truckload, our forward-thinking solutions ensure your products are safely stored, expertly managed, and ready to distribute to your customers.

Efficiency Down to the Last Mile

Transportation and distribution are among the most important (and potentially expensive) parts of any beverage business’ supply chain. Ensuring your products make it to market on time and in good condition is essential, but inefficient distribution practices can stifle growth and limit your products’ potential reach.

Birkby Food Service has built its name on exceptional distribution services across Western Canada. Today, we proudly provide innovative solutions to optimize your supply chain, delivering industry-leading efficiency down to the Last Mile. Routeique-powered real-time tracking and route optimization ensure fast deliveries and reduced costs for businesses of all sizes and scopes. Our extensive experience includes partnerships with Odwalla, Nestle, Parmalat, and more.

Complete 3PL Solutions with Birkby Food Service

Beverage businesses looking to grow need 3PL partners ready to support their goals. The right partner will aim to grow with you, developing innovative logistics solutions to meet your short and long-term needs.

With over a century of experience and expertise on our side, Birkby Food Service proudly offers complete 3PL solutions for our clients in the food and beverage industry. Today, our data-driven insights and lean operating principles allow us to engineer turnkey solutions that meet our clients’ needs today while setting the stage for tomorrow’s success.

Our complete 3PL service offerings include:

  • Multiple distribution centres and facilities across Western Canada.
  • Cutting-edge inventory management and fulfillment powered by Routeique.
  • Seamless supply chain integration with all major eCommerce platforms.
  • Data-driven reporting, tracking, and performance insights for every part of the supply chain.
  • Branded packaging, labels, and marketing for one-of-a-kind delivery experiences.
  • Dedicated fulfillment and service support teams to help create satisfied customers.

Birkby remains committed to finding the ideal logistics solutions for our customers’ challenges. Our experienced logistics team is driven to find added value for every part of the supply chain, ensuring you’re always ready for growth in a competitive landscape.

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