Our Customer Service Just Got Even Better!

We are super excited to announce the launch of our new online live chat! Now our customers can reach out directly, in real-time to get the answers you seek. It is important to us to provide an outstanding customer service experience and we know your time is valuable to you. Our live chat is available during our business hours and will allow you to talk to one of our helpful customer service agents right here on our website. Live chat is the best of both worlds; personal and digital! What’s not to love? Our live chat allows for an immediate connection and quick resolution to most queries. No more waiting on hold or sending an email out into the abyss. In our ongoing efforts to be more accessible in todays technology driven world, we invite you to give it a try today!

Raw Honey Vs. Filtered Honey

Where is all the Raw Honey? Whether or not you have heard, there is a buzz around store bought honey. Raw honey is rarely ever seen on the shelves, but why? In this blog post, we will be diving into the truth about pollen-less honey. What you didn’t know about your honey. Almost every single honey found in your local grocery store has no pollen in it whatsoever. Pollenless honey goes through a process called high temperature filtering. Filtering out the pollen from honey removes color, dilutes the product and of course, gets rid of the pollen. The biggest question people are asking is “Why remove the pollen?”. Some Honey providers say that this process increases the honeys shelf life, but they do so by diluting the honey. Beekeepers state that traditional honey filtering methods remove all bee parts, bee wax and other visible contaminants

Summer is Here & Nestle is Ready!

From Scooped Ice Cream to Novelties Nestle has been anticipating this summer, and we have been waiting for what they have in store for us for a long time. Finally, we can enjoy the various items they have added to their product line for this summer. We are pleased to say that there is quite a bit to be excited for this summer! Good North Good north is a lineup of ice cream that is Canadian based, high in protein and only 360 – 380 calories per tub! We personally have been excited to finally feast on a frozen treat that we can all feel good about eating. No more late-night indulging going straight to the thighs; you can now feel good about what you are eating. Good North currently comes in four amazing flavors! GOODNORTH Mocha Chocolate Biscotti – The perfect pick for your

From Farm to Table

Your family deserves the best We are proud of all the different products we carry here at Birkby foods. We strive to ensure we give customers, clients and consumers the best of the best. A great way to find out the quality of a product is by finding out how the product is made. In this blog post, we will be going over how a few of our products are created so that you can know that you are serving your friends and families the best there is to offer. Drizzle Honey Drizzle Honey brings sophistication, exceptional taste, and seasonal beauty to your table. Drizzle keeps their honey raw, and rich with healthy pollen, enzymes, and minerals. Buying local sounds like a fantastic idea, but what sets Drizzle apart from other honey brands? The majority of store-bought honey brands remove all the pollen from

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