5 Ways to Use Honey Other Than in the Kitchen

Honey has been around for many millennia. It is as old as written history, and probably even older. It was known to ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, and Babylonians and the first trace of humans cultivating bees for honey has been recorded in 2,400 BC. In its original form, honey was the first and most widely spread sweetener used by humankind. Aptly dubbed "liquid gold", honey used to be difficult to make, and so it was considered precious and was often used as a tribute or a peace offering. Throughout time, people discovered the properties of honey were not only good for sweetening meals and beverages. In fact, it has been used for its healing properties for over 5,000 years! Ancient Egyptians used it to treat wounds and it played a vital part in Ayurvedic medicine, too. Cleopatra herself used honey in her beauty treatments! Today, we'll take a look at 5

The Taste of Calgary – August 8-11

This weekend is Calgary's premier international food and beverage festival! We highly recommend heading downtown to the Eau Claire market and filling your tummy with all things delicious. The festival itself is free, and tickets for sampling can be purchased for just $1/ticket. There are a large variety of global cuisines and a giant assortment of beverage options. There are also multiple food trucks, musical acts and other artisans on location. Even if the weather is rainy, grab that umbrella and enjoy the less crowded access to all of your new favourite eats!  

Yahoooo! the Calgary Stampede 2019 food list is here (and it’s fabulously weird)

From heat to sweet, tease your taste buds with mouth-watering Midway food. We love food (obviously) and we are excited to try out the delicious, and strange, new Stampede food this year! Some of the eats for 2019 include: • Avocado coconut ice cream • Caesar ice pops (for the grown ups) • Corn dog poutine • Pickle pizza • Deep fried artichoke hearts • Cheesy ramen dog • Flamin' hot cheetos corn dog • Deep fried twizzlers • Flamin' frog legs If you do decide to indulge and try some of the midway food this year, post a photo of your eats on Instagram and be sure to tag @birkbyfoods, we want to see what you tried! Enjoy the Stampede and be safe!

Welcome to all of our new vendors!

It has been a busy time here at Birkby Foods! We want to take a moment to share with you all of our new vendors. We have been building some fantastic relationships to bring our customers only the best in quality foods and these new brands are no exception. You can download our all new, updated product portfolio now and see the huge selection of goods from our newest vendors, as well as the tried and true ones you already know and love. Keep an eye on our blog for featured new products as well from Simply, Siggis, Raincoast Global, Meadow Creek Sausage & Meat, Gabriella's Kitchen, Soup de Jar, Care Bakery and more.

The SCOOP on our non-dairy ice creams.

Dairy-free frozen desserts have come a long way. Just a decade ago, there were only a few pints hidden in the frozen food department of expensive markets. Now, there are entire chilled sections dedicated to non-dairy delights in many natural food stores and even in conventional grocers. Thankfully, your sweet tooth doesn't have to suffer just because you're dairy-free. Brands like Haagen Dazs are churning out (get it?) non-dairy ice creams faster than you can, well....scream for them. We love the Haagen Dazs dairy-free ice creams, with delicious flavours like chocolate salted fudge, coconut caramel, crunchy peanut butter, and mocha chocolate! Every flavour in their non-dairy collection begins with a core ingredient instead of milk alternatives, resulting in a creamier texture and more authentic taste.    

The Next Generation of Food Consumers…..GEN Z

Today, the focus of so many food and beverage marketers is how to engage in conversation with the millennial consumer. Of course this is completely understandable and obvious given their purchasing power while most are right smack dab in the midst of commencing their careers. Yet, executives are being warned to not to forget about Gen Z. Gen. Z? Millennials? What is the difference?? Gen Z is a population featuring consumers born between 1997 and 2012. They also represent the first generation to completely grow up in the digital age. This sector is being defined by their resolve. “Gen. Z see windows where others see walls. They are not afraid to create those things that they want but cannot find”. Lynne Gillis, I.R.I. Gen. Z makes up 25% of the Canadian population in the present, which makes them a larger sector than both boomers and millennials. In the next few years,

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