Imagine this: Your hard work is finally paying off, and your food business is on the cusp of great things. You’re finally ready to begin scaling up and getting your goods into new marketplaces across Canada. Now’s the time to get serious about your supply chain and find warehousing and distribution services to get your products onto store shelves, directly into homes, or wherever they need to be.

If this sounds like you, you’re likely looking for a 3PL provider to help your business with its supply chain management needs. In Western Canada alone, there are countless options for food producers of all sizes; it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

To help get you started, you’ll find four essential questions to ask your food warehousing and distribution provider below. Additionally, you’ll find more information about Birkby Food Service’s complete 3PL solutions for food producers.

1. “Can Your Processes Accommodate Our Product’s Temperature Requirements?”

Whether your products are kept at ambient, refrigerated, or frozen temperatures, it’s essential to ensure your food products are managed and stored appropriately. Spoiled goods, inventory shrink, and even product recalls can result from improper storage and shipping, making it critical to work with a 3PL that can accommodate your needs.

With numerous warehouses and fulfillment centres strategically located across Western Canada, Birkby’s warehousing solutions are ready for your food products. Our facilities consistently maintain ambient, refrigerated, and frozen (down to -28ºC) temperatures suitable for any storage requirements, ensuring consistency and regulatory compliance throughout the supply chain.

2. “How Do You Ensure Regulatory Compliance?”

On the topic of regulations, it’s important to know the requirements for your product’s handling and make sure your 3PL is up to the task. From the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to your own unique company guidelines, you need to ensure that your 3PL is ready to meet any and all requirements.

Birkby Food Service is committed to safety and regulatory compliance in everything we do. Our facilities are fully compliant with all applicable federal and provincial regulations, with real-time tracking and reporting powered by Routeique. Our knowledgeable logistics specialists are happy to find value-adding solutions for unique products and challenging requirements.

3. “What Can Your WMS Handle?”

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the digital backbone of the modern supply chain. It’s responsible for handling tasks like inventory management, picking and packing, distribution, and eCommerce integration. As the food and beverage marketplace evolves, it’s vital for your 3PL to be ready to keep pace and enable you to reach new markets.

Birkby’s inventory systems are powered by Routeique, an industry leader in cloud-based logistics services. Routeique powers real-time inventory visibility, automated shrink and damage reporting, delivery tracking, seamless integration with eCommerce platforms, and other cutting-edge solutions for businesses of all sizes and scopes. Capable of processing over 10,000 orders every week, Birkby’s robust inventory management solutions are ready to scale with your business and set the stage for future growth.

4. “What Other Services Do You Offer?”

Even if you don’t necessarily need them today, it’s always important to know what other services your 3PL can bring to the table. Evolving marketplaces, fluctuating market conditions, and other unique challenges can dramatically alter a business’s needs; ideally, your partner will be able to adapt and grow with you, rather than become a bottleneck in an increasingly complex supply chain. In the highly competitive food & beverage industry, every business needs partners dedicated to helping you keep customers happy and getting your products to market.

At Birkby, our data-driven mindset and efficiency-driven operating principles allow us to provide complete 3PL services that meet our clients’ needs today while setting the stage for future success. Whether it’s branding and packaging, eCommerce integration, digital marketing, or customer support, Birkby is driven to provide turnkey solutions to any logistics challenge, providing exceptional service and value in everything we do.

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