Many people may think that dry food storage is more straightforward than refrigerated or frozen products. After all, dry foods can be stored at ambient temperatures, not necessarily requiring constantly controlled temperatures throughout the supply chain. However, as with any consumable, dry goods need to be carefully stored and distributed throughout the supply chain to protect your product, your brand’s reputation, and ultimately your customers.

If your food or beverage business relies on a 3PL for warehousing and distribution, you need to ensure they follow all applicable regulations and guidelines to maintain your product’s integrity throughout the supply chain. Below, you’ll find several four key factors in dry food storage, as well as information about how Birkby’s 3PL services provide value-adding solutions for our customers.

Pest Control

All food-grade warehouses are required to have strategies in place for protecting your products from rodents, insects, birds, and other pests. Typically, 3PLs will employ pest control substances at strategic locations around the perimeter of their food-grade storage, ensuring that pests cannot get anywhere near stored product. Regular inspections are crucial to ensuring this anti-pest perimeter remains intact.

Regular Sanitation Procedures

Regular cleaning and sanitation procedures are the most effective way to ensure a food-grade facility is sterile and safe for storage. Most 3PLs either manage cleaning internally or contract industrial sanitation providers. Either way, detailed records of cleaning and sanitation procedures sessions should be readily available for all clients.

Warehouse Staff Hygiene & Training

In addition to ensuring the facility is clean and secure, 3PLs must also ensure that their staff is appropriately trained in hygiene, food safety, incident management, and quality awareness standards. While specific regulations will vary depending on the jurisdiction, all 3PL providers should keep detailed records of employee training, ensuring that all warehouse staff are doing their part to maintain food integrity from start to finish.

Value-Adding Dry Food Storage with Birkby

In today’s competitive food & beverage industry, every business needs partners that can help elevate their brand. If your business needs a 3PL provider to help with dry food storage, warehousing, and distribution, you need a valued partner that can support your business’s growth in the short and long term.

Birkby Food Service proudly offers turnkey 3PL solutions to support every part of your supply chain. Our lean operational principles and data-driven mindset allow us to meet our clients’ needs today while setting the stage for tomorrow’s success.

Our complete 3PL services include:

  • Ambient and temperature-controlled (down to -28ºC) warehousing and storage solutions.
  • Seamless integration with all major eCommerce platforms.
  • End-to-end inventory insights down to the Last Mile, powered by Routeique.
  • Branded packaging, labels, and marketing for one-of-a-kind delivery experiences.
  • Fulfillment and service support teams dedicated to keeping you and your customers happy from start to finish.

At Birkby, we pride ourselves on creating logistics systems that meet our clients’ needs today while setting them up for future success. Our experienced team of specialists is ready to help our clients find solutions to every challenge, ensuring your logistics is always ready to support future growth.

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